Pottery That Sells Well – All Potters Should Make and Sell in 2024

Best Selling Pottery - Pottery that sells well

Picking the best pottery that sells well isn’t easy. It requires creativity, research, cleanliness, market research, and more. Pottery that sells well will be worthwhile, but it won’t be easy; if you’re looking for someone to sell your favorite piece for a profit, you need to be aware of your capabilities. Here we will share with you famous pottery pieces that will help you to sell well.

Pottery making is one of the oldest methods of production still practiced today. People who practice the art of pottery or person who makes pottery are called potters. Each piece is unique, and as such, it takes a good deal of experience and trial and error to perfect.  A big part of getting your desired results in pottery is knowing what sells well and developing a marketing plan based on that. Learning what sells is key which is why we’ve put together this list of best Pottery Making Products That Sell well.

Best Selling Pottery for Your Ceramic Business

Picking suitable pottery to sell is an art form. Even if you want to send your potters into retirement, it will take time and research to find the best pottery items. There are three basic crafting steps when selecting pottery: Color, size, and style. Your art studio must have a best pottery wheel.

Once you have made your decision, look for sites that have the latest pottery offerings for sale. Pottery has been around for thousands of years, and there has always been a change in taste, style, and design. Let have a look at top-selling and most demanding handmade ceramic art pieces with pricing ceramics to sell are below:

1. Hand-crafted Mugs Pottery Pieces

Hand-crafted mugs

There are many different reasons why hand-crafted mugs sell well. One of the biggest reasons is that people are willing to pay a premium for things they want and appreciate. The other reasons include the unique style of ceramic mug artists. Pottery is also a powerful commodity. So the demand for hand-crafted mugs tends to be high, making it even more critical to understand your target market.

Handmade mugs have been around for many centuries. They are portable along with being an excellent form of art. Hand-crafted mugs are a great option for someone looking to start selling handmade goods online. You can sell hand crafted mugs in between $10 to $20 easily. You might not have the most significant profit margin, but you can certainly work hard to get the most important number of purchases.

2. Teapots and Teaware Pottery

Teapots and Teaware

Teacups pottery is best-selling pottery that offers beautiful, hand-crafted cups popular with customers for their style and maintaining a high quality for a long time. Teacups pottery was started as a pottery business to create beautiful teacups. Making beautiful cups that people would like to have as gifts. So, to makes beautiful teacups isn’t really all that easy.

Teapots and teaware are also known as serving utensils and vessels, respectively. Both have handles so that you can carry them about without having to take them off your table. Teacups Pottery has been hand-crafting & selling for a long time to bring the highest quality teacups to the market at prices that can’t be beaten. One of the first teacup purchases needs a set of six for $20. The popularity of teacups has led to a variety of pottery designs available in various styles and materials.

3. Pottery Bowls

Pottery bowls

Pottery bowls are a popular type of ceramic art with an abundance of uses. Bowls have a great variety when it comes to design and function. Moreover, there are many aspects to selling a bowl. It means getting the design right, selecting the suitable material, having creativity, and ensuring that you are selling a product. These are essential elements to having a bowl that sells well. Bowls have been around for a long time, and people understand their purpose.

First, a good design makes a bowl more appealing. It looks more impressive on the countertop and keeps people returning for more. Second, having ratios of food that will go into a bowl can increase sales. People like predictable products that they can buy at regular intervals and delivered to their homes on time. Food is an excellent example because plenty of people eat cereal every day. They are used as serving sizes or garnishing tools. These are from $10 to $100 in price.

4. Vases Best-selling Pottery

Ceramic Vases

Vases are an entertaining introductory best-selling ceramics piece. This is because you don’t just get one. When you want to purchase a vase, then go to our Amazon products reviews. When it comes to buying a new piece, just take a look at the different sizes and materials that best meet your needs. Price is an essential factor, as well as the uniqueness of your piece. When selecting the best vase to highlight your favorite size, try to keep these factors in mind.

Well, vases are the best-selling pottery in market. There are many different factors to take into consideration when choosing the best vase. Product appearance is a significant factor, as is the style and design of the vase. The color, material, cleanliness, etc., should also be considered. The Vases vary in price as small can be from $20, and medium-sized vases can sell in $50, and you can sell large size vases at $100.

5. Plates Pottery

Plates pottery

Plates are best-selling pottery online because they are easy to sell and even use. People who like to customize things, though, may be drawn to other options. You are doing fine as a start-up. You are probably the one person in your family that can afford a plate. People are asking how they can get one and what they should look for to decide on which one to get the plating pottery is booming because customers want high-quality pottery plates at affordable prices.

Plating, like most art forms, is in a state of constant change. It is being shaped by the latest fad in home decor and culinary trends. The popularity of selling ceramics plates has started to rise among younger generations looking for a unique style that will stand out among other artworks. The most demanding pottery pieces and, therefore, the most expensive are large platters.  You can sell a tremendous-looking pottery plate for as little as 5 dollars. Further, you can sell plates pottery pieces for sale quickly.

6. Popular Plant Pots

Popular Plant Pots

Plant pots are another great sales pottery. Many people interested in making money can buy a small, set-up pot and learn how to work with it. The pots can be anything from a simple buy-now type to intricately carve jade plant pots, and they all sell well. Your creativity as a famous pottery maker will determine what kind of pottery you come up with. When creating a beautiful pot, consider that aesthetics is only one part of a successful product.

Plant pots are trendy in the market. It will be a pot that performs when it is treated well. There are many stunning and premium quality clay plant pots are available in the good prices. Plant pots are most common and most high selling pottery product across the world. There are several ways that you can start selling Pottery plants pots. It is possible to specialize in pottery of sale plants, pottery of sale online, adding more services to your shop, or taking your pottery business public. You can quickly sell the plant pot at $25 to $45 prices.

7. Pottery Holders

Pottery holders

There are many innovative handmade pottery ideas for sponge holders. The sponge holders come in all sorts of styles and designs. It all begins with the artwork. Some pottery pictures of flowers or trees on them. The more unique your sponge holder is, the more you will buy and sell it faster. Sponge Holders are available in a variety of colors and designs.

One of the most famous pottery pieces found at any home. Pottery holders are one of the most popular clay product and high selling pottery piece. People buy them for many different reasons, but one thing that holds them all together is quickly bringing sponges into homes. Whether that is by storing them in a cabinet for easy access or using them to store water in the bathtub, or even cleaning up after a shower. If you’re looking for an excellent selling price right now, sell the best sponge holders $15 to $25 in the market.

8. Cooking Spoon Rest

Cooking spoon rest

A wide variety of spoon rests are available in the market with unique and attractive colors and designs. There are two basic types of spoon rests available for sale: cast iron and ceramic. For a good quality cast iron spoon rest, the pottery market is packed with the latest designs. This cooking spoon rest will last four to six years in kitchen cabinets and other areas where food is frequently handled. Investing in a high-quality spoon rest gives you a more pleasing and clean cooking experience in your kitchen.

Pottery cooking spoon rest has a different type of finishing. Some pottery spoon rests have a glazed finish to give an attractive look. On the other hand, some have mate non-glazed or lead-free glaze surface finish. Price does matter when getting a spoon rest. These are dishwasher safe, helpful product uses in every kitchen. Moreover, unlike others, clay spoon rests can use in the microwave and are waterproof too. There is plenty of pottery spoon rests with high quality, and low prices are online available. Usually, everyone can get clay cooking spoon rests at low prices easily. The average market prices for them are around $10 to $15.

9. Clay Soap Dishes

Clay Soap dishes

Materials can also play an important role. A soap dish made from earthenware clay will have a rough, sandy texture and soft, organic colors; ball clay will be smooth.  Like porcelain but have a matte finish, stoneware is fired at a higher temperature than other clays. Its surface is complex and opaque. Getting to know the characteristics of each clay and what they can do for your design is key to developing more exciting pieces.

There are many different styles and ways of decorating your soap dish. Take time to look at a variety of soap dishes and pick out some details that you like. Design your own piece by drawing it out on paper first before you choose your clay. Choose the style that matches your decor and housewares. They are the perfect complement to any bathroom decor. Clay soap dishes are available in unique and modern design. Soap dishes are good starting points for both retail and wholesale pricing. The normal market prices for soap dish are around $15 to $25.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much do potters make per year across the United States?

While average incomes for potters can range from $85,000 to $15,000, the large percentage of Ceramic Artist salaries currently range from $25,000 (25th percentile) to $50,000 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $70,000 in the United States.

How to sell pottery online?

It is not difficult to sell pottery online because many online forums are available for ceramics of sale material. My biggest tip when selling pottery pieces do not sell them in very cheap prices.

What are the famous pottery makers that you should follow?

The demand for handmade pottery is not seasonal. You can generally find buyers for your work at any time of the year.  Many pottery makers in history guide the pottery making to potters. So, Beate Kuhn, John Glick, Ellen Schon, Carol Long, and Victor Spinski are the most famous and ideal pottery makers.

How much money do potters make?

Pottery is not so costly at all. The cheapest clay pot is available from five-dollar to ten dollars. So pottery buying is not so expensive for buyers. The top-selling ceramic pieces range in price up to $10 or higher. Artisans should aim for an average between $15 and $20 for the most sales, as most of your customers will sell at the $15 mark. The number one reason artisans don’t make as much money on their table-top ceramics is that they price themselves too high!

What are the pottery pieces that sell best?

Below is a list of popular pottery pieces that sells well.


Pottery selling is a profitable business if you are a creative potter. Even if you are a beginner, you can still participate in this business and make pottery pieces that sell well. If you are a beginner, then you must choose the right beginner pottery wheel.

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