Best Pottery Wheel for Kids 2024- Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Pottery Wheel for Kids

Looking for the best birthday gift for your little one? Wondering what the best Christmas gifts are for kids? If you need perfect arts and crafts gifts for your creative kid, you’ve come to the right place.  A pottery wheel for kids is the best toy investment that keeps your kid Busy, Happy and helps to express creativity. Kids who love to play with clay will love the pottery wheel.  Pottery wheel can improve the self-esteem of your and help you to spend some creative quality time with your kid.

The generation of the 21st century is growing up with smartphone tablets and other gadgets far from nature, are more suffering issues like anxiety, depression, and stress. Pottery helps relieve stress and have a calming experience Pottery making is a fun and educational activity that can lead to following the instructions allows learning and developing problem-solving, fosters imagination to express themselves. By making toys and pots, it trains the body and brain of a child to work altogether so it can be extremely beneficial for the sensory and motor skills of the child. Here we’ve selected the best Kid’s Pottery wheel. Take a look at a great and cool list of the best pottery wheels for kids and invest in the best one to enhance the artistic skills of your child. All features of the best pottery wheels for kids are included in this article.

Our Top Picks

Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio (EDITORS CHOICE)


Cool Maker, Pottery Studio (BUDGET PICK)


10 Best Pottery Wheels for Kids – Comparison Table

Here, we present the comparison table that will help you in choosing the suitable pottery wheel for your children.

Faber-Castell-Do-Art-Pottery-Studio Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio
  • Dimensions 12.5 x 8.3 x 3.6 inches
  • Material synthetic
  • Battery operated
  • 3 Pounds of clay
  • 6 Piece toolset
  • 1 Craft apron
  • 1 Table cover
  • 12 Pots of paint
  • 2 Paintbrushes
  • 1 Sponge
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Cool Maker, Pottery Studio Cool Maker, Pottery Studio
  • 1 Spray Bottle + 1 Tool Holder
  • 3 Clay Discs
  • 1 Paint Brush
  • 2 Sculpting Tools
  • 2 Coring Tools
  • 2 Cores
  • 5 Colors of Paint (5 x 5ml)
  • Instruction Guide
  • Blue and Pink Tool
  • 2 Hole Punch Tools
  • 2 Sleeves
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  • Plug-in electric motor
  • 2 lbs. of air-dry clay
  • Innovative arm tool
  • 1 Apron
  • Wire tool
  • 1 AC Power Adapter
  • 1 Sponge
  • 6 colors of paint, brush & palette (0.2 fl oz / 6 mL each)
  • 3 sculpting tools
  • Kid-friendly Learning Guide and video lessons
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Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit
  • 2 Air-dry Clay
  • 1 Sponge
  • 2 Metallic Color Set
  • 1 Palette
  • 2 Carving Tool
  • 1 Carving Support Stand
  • 1 Tangent
  • 1 Dotting Pen
  • 1 Gem Stickers Sheet
  • 1 Table Sheet
  • 1″ Screwer
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Cra-Z-Art Children’s Motorized Pottery Wheel Activity Set Cra-Z-Art Children’s Motorized Pottery Wheel Activity Set
  • Dimensions 12.25 x 11.25 x 13.25 inches
  • Weight is 2.2 pounds
  • 4 C batteries
  • Operated on a Foot pedal
  • Includes clay, paints & instruction book
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Mookis Sunflower Pottery Wheel Mookis Sunflower Pottery Wheel
  • Dimensions 14.84 x 9.84 x 3.62 inches
  • Weighs 2.46 pounds
  • Color Pink and green
  • Ac Adapter
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IAMGlobal Pottery Wheel IAMGlobal Pottery Wheel
  • Dimensions 14.61 x 9.53 x 3.15 inches
  • Weighs 3.3 pound
  • Complete toolset
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Made By Me Motorized Power Pottery Wheel Made By Me Motorized Power Pottery Wheel
  • Dimensions 11.63 x 11.25 x 14.4 inches
  • Weighs 4.11 pounds
  • Operates on the foot pedal
  • Adjustable Arm tool
  • Sculpting tool and painting essentials included
  • 2 pounds of clay
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Advanced Pottery Wheel Kit by Dan& Darci Advanced Pottery Wheel Kit by Dan& Darci
  • Dimensions 17.2×12.91×3.58 inches
  • Item weight 5.68 pounds
  • AC power adapter
  • Foot pedal operator
  • Sculpting tools and many essential accessories 
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Alex’s Artist Studio Easy Spin pottery wheel for Kids Alex’s Artist Studio Easy Spin pottery wheel for Kids
  • Dimensions 16x3x11.75 inches.
  • Product weight 3.9 lbs.
  • 4 C batteries requires.
  • Operated on foot pedal.
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1. Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio


Faber-castell is a complete pottery wheel studio, an ideal kit as it contains everything a beginner and kids should have. Fiber Castell Do Art Pottery studio contains synthetic clay is a substance that contains no toxic chemical safe for your child.  Clay and the battery-powered wheel will not harm the children.

This kit can be used by 8+ kids. It contains a manual that educates a child about the history of pottery craft and step-by-step techniques of pottery making.  The product material is lightweight and durable.

  • High quality and reliable product
  • Develop interest of children to explore the history
  • Include essential tools used in the pottery wheel
  • Promote creativity, motor, and sensory skills
  • Clay is synthetic so it is free of microbe and bacteria.
  • Slow Spin
  • Runs only on batteries

2. Cool Maker, Pottery Studio


The pottery wheel from the Cool Maker ground running kit makes it unique. This allows children to use gravity to shape clay upside down. It comes with everything essential to make fun sculpt for kids. It Includes accessories for 6 different projects, including 5 colors of metallic paint to decorate these projects.

You’ll have 2 pounds of non-toxic and air drying clay in this pottery wheel kit, add some water and shape the clay give it your unique design, paint and style the sculpt as your heart desires. This pottery wheel for kids is ideal for 6 years old kids. 4 C batteries are used to run the wheel (not included in the kit). This kit has two types of speed to run the wheel.

  • Great for kids and beginners
  • Includes supplies and projects
  • Very simple to use
  • The kit has a built-in tool keeper
  • There is no foot pedal to control the speed
  • The wheel is powered by four C batteries

3. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kid’s Pottery Wheel


Do you have kids who have a natural talent for art? If you think your child has been interested in pottery for a while, so you’re looking for the best pottery wheels for kids? This National Geographic kid’s pottery wheel is Amazon’s best choice and your art-loving kid will love this pottery wheel. Designed specifically for beginners and kids, this potter’s wheel offers innovative features that make clay molding easy and fun. This is a perfect gift for your creative youngsters for Christmas and birthdays.

This pottery kit has everything you need. Kids can easily create and decorate the pottery as their heart desires. It contains 2 pounds of air-drying clay, detachable arms, and centering tools. Kids can make vases, bowls and can experiment much more things than style the items using colors and paints. This innovative pottery kit is a high-quality kid’s pottery wheel. This potter’s wheel is durable and features an adjustable two-speed motor and bi-directional rotation, giving children more control as they grind the clay. The detailed instruction booklet also includes links to instructional videos so kids will learn about clay science and the importance of pottery to several ancient cultures.

  • Suitable for ages above 7
  • It is a high-quality educational tool
  • The detailed instruction booklet
  • 2-speed motor
  • There are numerous accessories.
  • there’s no need for batteries
  • Cannot handle heavy pressure

4. Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit

Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit

Become the best potter with the Insnug Toy Box pottery wheelset! Pottery is the art of making clay pots. Little cute potters can decorate their pottery work with creativity and craft kits. This is one of the best-rated kid’s pottery wheels. This brightly colored pottery set for kids is specially designed to attract kids towards pottery making.

It comes with everything stated on the components list; pottery wheel, 2-pack air-dry clay, bright color set, the palette for mixing, carving stand & carving tool that is used for details to be carved into the design, tangent, dotting pen, gem stickers to embellish their art work’, table-cover, screwer.

This Insnug Toy Box pottery wheelset also includes an instruction guide that helps to set up the wheel and many useful ideas on how to manage the tool.

  • No baking required for the pots
  • Battery Operated
  • It comes with many accessories.
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Affordable
  • It exclusively runs on a battery.
  • It cannot bear heavyweight things.

5. Cra-Z-Art Children’s Motorized Pottery Wheel Activity Set

Cra-Z-Art Children’s Motorized Pottery Wheel Activity Set

The best budget-friendly kids’ pottery wheelset is Cra-Z-Art Children’s Motorized Pottery Wheel Activity Set. This pottery set has all supplies that are required to complete the project. This pottery wheel kit has enough amount in accessories to complete multiple projects. Its attractive ceramic projects for kids, your child will happily invest their time in this.

It comes with 2 pounds of clay that is enough to complete multiple projects. Any type of clay can be used to make pottery. Also have 6 bright paints, Gems & glitter glue to embellish their creative art.

It requires a foot pedal with an additional on/off switch to activate/deactivate the spinning operation also needs C batteries to operate the wheel (both not included in the kit). This is the best pottery wheel for teens and suits kids up to 8+.

  • Foot pedal operation mechanism
  • Price is affordable
  • Safe and durable kit
  • Great for teenagers
  • It requires batteries
  • Loud

6. Mookis Sunflower Pottery Wheel

Mookis Sunflower Pottery Wheel

This makes a lovely and creative gift for kids especially for girls due to the pink color. The sunflower design of this unit makes this unique and more attractive to girls so your little princess will love this product. As children shape pots and pans, their ability to work in teams, hand-eye coordination, and artistic appreciation are naturally enhanced, as is their happiness.

This pottery kit contains synthetic clay which cannot harm kids. It also comes with metallic paint, apron, sculpting tool and cutting board, and much more supplies. It operated on an Ac adapter and batteries included in this kit. 

  • USB operated
  • Not expensive
  • Great for kids and beginners
  • Not noisy
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Faster speed
  • Have fewer accessories with it

7. IAMGlobal Pottery Wheel

IAMGlobal Pottery Wheel

This educational toy allows kids to make their creative pots bowls and vases by their hand. This kit contains 800g of Clay with the availability of air-dried clay, children can quickly create works of art, 1 Cutting the cord, 2 Sculpting Tools, 6 Colors of Metallic Paint. It required 3 batteries to operate the wheel.

Clay substitutes are possible, but any type of clay can be used. However, for best results, you should make sure it is a wet clay that is easy to work with. Designed for children over 8 years old.

  • Multiple rotation speeds
  • design material included
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Safe and durable
  • Exclusively battery operated

8. Made By Me Motorized Power Pottery Wheel

Made By Me Motorized Power Pottery Wheel

This is one of the best pottery wheel options available on market. This kit is suitable for kids ages 6+. It comes with one large block of terracotta clay. It will require the prenatal guide to work with clay because it will be quite difficult and messy when we tackle clay.

This ceramic kit has 6 pottery-making essential tools e.g. round sponge, shaping tool, carving knife, transit cord, paint-brushes, and paint kit. The colors included in the kit are bright and vibrant so kids can create details and fun designs. It will a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for kids.   

  • Many accessories are included
  • Air drying clay
  • No baking required
  • Improves eyes and hand coordination
  • Affordable
  • The foot pedal rotates the wheel smoothly
  • Difficult to handle and shape clay because of the hardness of the clay
  • Kids cannot easily use this kit

9. Advanced Pottery Wheel Kit by Dan & Darci

Advanced Pottery Wheel Kit by Dan & Darci

Dan & Derci Pottery studio is awarded the “Amazon Choice” label. This product is one of the highly-rated products and is available for shipment immediately. Dan&Derci pottery wheel machine is a complete set of pottery accessories that are required to make pottery.

 It comes with 1lb. clay, Ac Adapter for power, and pressure-sensitive foot pedal. 6 vibrant color containers, 3 sculpting tools, a color pellet, 2 paintbrushes are also available in this kit to decorate pottery to make it engaging and eye-catching. Other accessories included are a spray bottle and sponge and pottery removing tool. The instruction manual is also available to guide kids to make the best and fun pottery. It will be the best educational gift for kids. This product is for 8+ kids. It is a Christmas and a birthday great gift for kids.

  • Claims 100% refund
  • A complete pottery studio
  • It is not noisy.
  • It also works with Air dry clay
  • More costly than other wheel

10. Alex’s Artist Studio Easy Spin pottery wheel for Kids

Alex’s Artist Studio Easy Spin pottery wheel for Kids

Alex pottery wheel includes all tools that are necessary to make pottery. 88 mosaic tiles and 6 different paints are used to turn a simple and classic pottery into a pottery pro. This machine is runs on battery and wheel spins through foot pedal.

The pottery set contains foot pedal, soft clay (2lbs/907g), paint palette, 2 brushes, Clay cutting cord, 2 curving tools, 3 shaping tools, spray bottle, sponge, glue and gems. This kit has instruction manual with easy instruction. Recommended age is 6 years.

  • Operate on AC adapter.
  • Easy to spin the wheel.
  • Air Drying clay required.
  • Require parent supervision

Buying Guide for the Pest Pottery Wheel for Kids

Here, some Main points to consider before buying the pottery wheel for your kid.

Quality of Material

Material quality has great importance, especially buying for kids the product must be light-weight but also must be reliable and durable. The plastic used in products must be high quality and unbreakable. On the site, all the offered products have high-quality material.

It should keep it in mind most of the ceramic kits offers clay. The material of the clay can be toxic or may contain bacteria which can harm children and may cause allergic issues to children. So those kits should be selected that have high-quality clay. The material must be moister and ultraviolet resisted.

Age Category 

Before buying the product you need to consider the age of the child. Kids under age 6 can swallow the small pieces of a product that come along with the toy kit and children of 6+ can get bored from the toy. Pottery wheel will teach the children about the basics of pottery so there must be several options to choose to keep in mind before buying kits for 6+ ids.

The item selected should be appropriate according to the kid’s age.


One of the most important things to consider is the quietness of the running wheel. More the running is noisy more it will make yourself less comfortable. Because the loudness of the running wheel can create more stress and productivity of the kid can be affected.


The pottery wheel should be lighter and smaller. Less weight is a great feature of a pottery wheel. The lightweight kits can easily move around and carry along with you.

Availability of detailed Instruction Manual

Every model of pottery wheel offers an instruction manual that has step-by-step instructions to set pottery kit and some of the models also add different ideas of the craft building. Some Instruction books available in pottery studios have pictorial instructions that help a child to understand the basic pottery and instruction easily. Instructions must be written in simple and understandable language along with pictures.

Foot Pedal

While creating ceramic objects it is important to control the speed of the wheel. Kids can not understand the speed mechanism, so the foot pedal is a must-have feature for the child so they can easily handle the rotation of the wheel by using their foot. The foot pedal is convenient to use and does not require additional settings.   


Pottery wheels can operate on batteries and AC adapters. Batteries are useful when you need portability. And models that use an AC adapter, a power socket is required to operate the motor. Some of the models can operate on both adapters and batteries.  Choose the best suitable option while selecting a pottery wheel kit for your kids, either you have easy access to the socket or you want a portability feature.

Pressure Power

Strong pressure protection of the pottery wheel is necessary because kids are unable to calculate the pressure power. If pressure power is too strong so it can damage the toy and motor as well. The child will not able to handle the pressure of the wheel and can injure himself. For safety and reliability, many motorized models have pressure protection that stops to working of the motor during overheating.


Your child’s craft and artistic experience will reach on a new level of fun by using Pottery wheels. Pottery art is a useful activity for kids that develops the creative skills and sensory motion of children. But the basic knowledge of pottery is required to handle the pottery wheel. To be candid with you, we have picked best pottery sets for you, so whatever product you will choose you cannot go wrong with it.

All the listed products in this review article are designed and made for kids and beginners. Buy any of these products, if you want to involve your child in healthy activities and he likes to make pottery. Help your kids during ceramic making that will enhance the understanding between you and child.

You can invest in this because it can be more than a toy, if you are considering to enroll your little champ to a pottery class.    

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